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An average of 40% of the women who were victims of sex trafficking identified as American Indian or Alaskan Native according to the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services. When a group of people who are less than 3% of the population make up 40% of an issue, that indicates a systematic problem and calls for compassionate action.

Native American Identity Empowerment Movement (NAIEM) is an effort by Compassionate USA and Phenomenon210 to be a part of the solution. NAIEM works across generations with professionals, college students and high school students to spread the reach of compassion while advocating for our stolen indigenous sisters.

On Monday, March 4th at St. Mary’s University during the event America’s Shame: The Silent Tragedy of Indigenous Women, NAIEM was launched. As part of NAIEM, students will apply Compassionate USA's curriculum to the issue of missing and murdered indigenous women, thus actively learning how to affect systems for good by bringing compassion. Compassionate USA, Phenomenon210, Salelytics DIB/EBP and other like-minded professionals will collaborate to form a village of support around the students as they become “Phenomenal Compassionistas.”

The Call, The Response, The Village

Nicole Estrada

Nicole is a highly motivated dual major who is revitalizing St. Mary’s University Native American Student Association while utilizing her education and career to creatie solutions to the problems that plague her community

Marie Crabb

Marie is an entrepreneur and community leader who has been advocating since she was a student at St. Mary’s University. She is heading the charge of the community partners rallying around our Phenomenal Compassionistas


America’s Shame: The Silent Tragedy of Indigenous Women

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America’s Shame

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A call to action met with a compassionate response


Native American Identity Empowerment Movement

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